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From Healthcare To Medical Tourism – Gurgaon Leads The Way


Over 1.5 million Americans traveled abroad for medical procedures just in the last one year, and a large number of them landed on Indian shores. Quality health care at about one tenth the costs of that in the US and UK have long attracted visitors from the west to Indian hospitals, primarily to Chennai and Mumbai. But over the last few years, the number of medical visitors to Gurgaon has steadily seen an increase. The reasons are not too hard to fathom.

Medical tourists especially from affluent western countries who come to India for medical intervention or procedures are not always seeking critical care. They look at combining medical procedures such as cosmetic, fertility treatments or joint replacements, along with a holiday and a chance to see new places. They seek luxurious comfort in world-class settings at costs that are extremely affordable to them. Gurgaon with its international ambiance and infrastructure in terms of travel and stay options, hospitals that provide international medical expertise and care, proximity and connectivity to tourist hotspots is proving and providing a far more attractive option to the medical tourists over traditional venues.

That is not to say that the city’s hospitals lack in any way in providing high quality critical care. In fact, Gurgaon has a number of international quality hospitals such as Fortis, Max Medanta and Artemis that often make headlines with innovative and rare medical procedures or stories of medical marvels. So much so that a large number of people from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan come to Gurgaon to seek help with rare procedures that they have no access to in their own countries. A number of times, such procedures are done at a minimal cost or even free as the patients come from deprived backgrounds.

Gurgaon is slowly becoming a Mecca for high quality healthcare and not just medical tourism. Hospitals such as Columbia Asia, located adjacent the upcoming Dwarka Expressway and with its proximity to the airport and a number of 5 star hospitality centers is one such example. To cater to the segment called ‘patients beyond borders’ the hospital has instituted  specialized facilities such as a centralized international patient services center that helps patients match conditions with the appropriate facility and doctor; a 24/7 international help desk, airport transportation, tele-consultation directly with the treating doctor, language interpretation services and assistance with international insurance agencies. Yet being part of an international group of healthcare provider, the hospital follows a no compromise policy on quality healthcare, modern amenities and highly-trained teams of specialists and nurses at extremely reasonable costs.  The hospital is known for practicing advanced procedures such as minimal invasive techniques and is in the forefront of organ replacement surgeries.

Quality healthcare is a critical component of the livability quotient of a city, and Gurgaon is fast becoming the leading medicare provider in the country.



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