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A Gift of Love: Our Story

(Or Yours, this Father’s Day!)


For us, Mr and Mrs Kataria (name changed), having our son Amit and his family come down from Minnesota for our 40th anniversary was special enough.  Ever since Amit had got promoted to VP at Intel, 3 years ago, he had been so busy at work that they had not come down to visit. On the morning of our anniversary, Amit said they had a surprise gift planned for us and drove us down to Gurgaon. We were expecting a fancy lunch at a resort but were confused when we were taken to one of the upcoming luxury residential townships on the Dwarka Expressway and introduced to the sales manager of the project for a site visit. Is Amit investing into property here or is he planning to come back soon? Either way, we were happy for him.

The manager first showed us the 3D model of the township to give us an idea of what the completed project would look like. He told us to imagine how life would be here as he began painting a picture of how the barren land would be transformed once the construction is completed. As he began taking us around, we were immediately overawed at the size of the project – 39 acres. Having lived in a fairly crowded area of West Delhi for most of our lives, the enormity of the space literally took our breath away.

It was a little confusing as the manager spoke to us as if we were the ones who were going to live here. Or maybe he was just giving due respect to our grey hair. He said our new home was everything we could want in our retired years – indulge in long walks, make new friends and try new hobbies. We could start our day with a morning walk on the well laid out 1 km walking trail. There were going to be two club houses measuring 40,000 sq.ft with multipurpose halls, cafe, entertainment room, library and cards room – lots of activities to keep us occupied. ‘Did we like playing badminton or tennis?’ he enquired, pointing to where the courts were going to be. He then continued to extol the virtues of swimming at the resort-style lakelet. Amit joked that the 60s were the new 40s and that we could start playing all the 16 sports facilities Sobha City.

And if socialising was our interest and not sports, then over 8.5 acres of the total space would be left open to greenery, with landscaped lawns for open air parties and camping for our grandkids.  We discussed the eclectic nature of people in Gurgaon that would lead to the celebration of numerous festivals and occasions. My wife and I pictured ourselves basking in the sun during winters when we came to visit Amit.

If we were impressed by what we saw so far, the sample apartment he took us to left us amazed. It was very well designed with thoughtfully planned spaces. We noticed a number of things such as the floor to ceiling tiles in common areas and granite topping on window sills that we had seen at Sobha Museum at the site office. The manager pointed out the architraves on the door frame. There was so much light and ventilation from the large windows and balconies; with the township positioned overlooking reserved greens, pollution will be something my son and his family will not have to deal with after living in the US.

Thankfully, being located on the Dwarka Expressway (DEW), Amit would have easy connectivity to the airport, Delhi and other parts of Gurgaon, else the horrendous traffic would certainly drive them right back to the US.

Later at lunch at the fancy resort that we had been expecting in the first place, Amit asked us if we liked our anniversary gift. When we replied yes, thinking he was talking about the lunch, he handed us a folder, inside which were some documents from the wonderful township that we had just visited with both our names on it. We were stupefied, words failing to express what we felt at that moment.

Amit insists that it is a gift for him as much as it is for us, knowing that his parents are in a luxurious, stress-free and secure home and living amongst a large upmarket community.

As for us, we feel twice blessed – wonderful son, amazing home.  The only thing that could make it even better was if Amit came back to India and maybe settled in the luxury villa township just across the apartment complex by the same builder that we were also shown.

One always lives in hope.



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