Olympic Size Pool

Be Spoilt For Choices At Sobha City


Sobha City lives up to the euphemism of ‘urban park residences’. Almost half an acre is covered with a resort style lakelet surrounded by a lavish pool deck. Not much is left to be desired when you have an Olympic size swimming pool, an all-weather indoor swimming pool, a kilometer long walking and biking track, and many other urban amenities. No doubt, this resort like a place will inspire active, healthy living.

Olympic Size Pool

In Pursuit Of Cultivating A Sporting Culture

Sporting Facilities

So the Olympics came and went …with pretty much a similar result for India as with every other time. A couple of saving grace medals in the otherwise barren tally. Each time the media is in frenzy about the deplorable state of sporting facilities in the country and the lack of a proper and systematic impetus in identifying and training potential candidates.

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