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5 Levels Of Supreme Club Luxury, In-short!

IC Club

Admit it, haven't clubs truly become our second home! After all, it's the club that makes our weekdays feel like weekends; where else would you unwind, catch up on gossip and shed some kilos all at the same time? Now, imagine your club life when the club is spread over 1 lakh sq.ft!
Here’s a snapshot of how the IC Club has brought together best of both the worlds – a leisure seeker’s paradise and a sports enthusiast’s dream hangout.

Sporting Facilities

To Gym or not to Gym


This eternal dilemma that seems to plague most adults for a large part of their lives could have them writing epics that rivals any Shakespearean drama. There’s always a reason for putting it off or finding oneself unable to continue what one started off with great enthusiasm.

Sporting Facilities

Summer Sports @ Sobha City


Summer Holidays, are the best part of childhood. There are so many things one can do in summers. While the generation gone by didn’t have many activities to do in this break, the children of the present age are blessed in this aspect. There are so many sports they can play and so many activities they can indulge in right within their residential complex.

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Sporting Facilities

Attention Moms – 5 Tips To Make Your Tough Job A Little Easier!

NIGHT_nov 2 c

Women have been in space, are scientists, CEOs and world leaders – treading new frontiers and conquering all hitherto known bastions. Yet if you ask them what the one thing they consider the toughest role or job is, undoubtedly the one that would top the list would be ‘raising kids.’

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Sporting Facilities

In Pursuit Of Cultivating A Sporting Culture

Sporting Facilities

So the Olympics came and went …with pretty much a similar result for India as with every other time. A couple of saving grace medals in the otherwise barren tally. Each time the media is in frenzy about the deplorable state of sporting facilities in the country and the lack of a proper and systematic impetus in identifying and training potential candidates.

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