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This Navratra just got more special with the Weekend Winner


Good luck, good fortune and blessings all come in abundance during Navratra. And this festive season will bring a lot more to those looking to invest or buy a home. The Sobha Winner Weekend series that was kicked off at the beginning of this year and has seen a resounding success each time it was held, will hold a special edition from 23rd to 25th September for this season. Homebuyers can look forward to a deluge of offers on the most premium projects in NCR – Sobha International City and Sobha City – both in Gurgaon.

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Subvention Scheme Benefits That You Couldn’t Afford To Miss


Now own a Sobha Home by paying just 10% of the total amount and pay zero EMI for the next three years. Sounds too good to be true, but it is. Sobha for the first time in Delhi NCR, is offering this delightful deal under Subvention Scheme (10: 75: 15). Under this scheme you pay just 10% initially and 15% after 3 years, rest 75% is paid by the housing finance company (HFC) through a construction linked plan for which the EMIs start only after 3 year period.

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New Towers Bring New Opportunity

Sobha City, pre-launches three new towers.

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All of us have that distant dream of owning a house when we are young. As we progress in life, that dream fades away in the midst of professional and personal struggles and we settle for less. And then sometimes, life offers us a chance to re-own that dream. We see an opportunity staring at us. All we need is the will power to go for it.

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Ladies! All You Need To Know About Fitness And More!


Women and fitness is a topic that’s most talked about, yet maybe least properly understood. The core of the issue being a couple of 3-letter words – fat vs. fit.

Most women start a fitness routine with a short-sighted goal of only to ‘lose weight,’ little realising the long-term implications of the necessities of fitness is not just the physical aspects but also her mental well-being. Fitness – the type of routine, the when, the how – all need to vary at different times and age, which can be understood only if you understand the physiological and mental makeup of a woman at different points of her life.

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Working Women – Some Tips To Work Your Stress Away

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“You’ve come a long way, baby” - the tagline of a product aimed at the working woman in the late 60’s in the US, resonates true even now with all women who step out to be a working professional or entrepreneur. But be it then or now, it was never easy, as a woman is forever trying to balance professional responsibilities and personal commitments, home life and kids leading to undue stress and health issues.

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