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Two Families, One Address: Duplex Villas at International City


International City, one of the most promising luxury townships in Delhi NCR is getting raving reviews for its two family duplex villas. Here’s a detailed account of what is in store for those of you contemplating buying a duplex villa at this exclusive township.

The duplex villas at International City offer the convenience of having two independent homes within one villa. TheG+2 structures are divided into two units of balanced offerings. The lower unit includes the ground floor and the basement along with one courtyard, as well as front and rear lawns. The upper unit is a combination of the first and second floor along with the terrace spaces on both these floors.For all units, a floor to ceiling height of 3.3 meters is maintained. Four dedicated slots are provided in front of the villa for parking, 2 slots for each unit. These villas are available in two plot sizes – 500 sq. yd. and 600 sq.yd.

Here’s a tour into these villas. (For ease of understanding we shall explain the features of a 500 sq. yd. villa.) For graphic details, refer to these floor plans of 500 Sq. Yd. Villa.

Once inside International City, you will clearly witness large open spaces and trees lined avenues on either side of the road. Everything is well laid out and in perfect symmetry. You will be able to make out what’s in store for you.


As you enter the villa, you are greeted with the feeling of openness. The sprawling lower unit has large double glazed windows that let in a lot of light and air making spaces look larger than one anticipates. Every single room opens into either the courtyard or the front or back lawn all of which are covered in grass and plants, bringing the residents very close to nature. The kitchen has a well-designed utility space and a green patch which may be used as a private kitchen garden. The basement is again spacious and suited for multiple uses. Also, there is a separate room for your domestic help along with an attached toilet.

The upper unit has its entry on the first floor which can be accessed from the dedicated staircase and lift lobby. It opens into a huge drawing and dining space with a double height cut out on the second floor. The first floor has two bedrooms, one open terrace, one utility terrace attached to the kitchen and the living area. The second floor has a family lounge adjacent to the cut-out providing a view of the first floor, the other two bedrooms, and a huge terrace. Like the lower unit, there is a separate room along with attached toiled for accommodating domestic help on the first floor.


These duplex units are extremely well designed keeping functionality in mind. What’s special and noticeable in these villas are the tiniest details that Sobha has taken care of, such as the alignment of tiles, or the extra materials used to avoid cracks between joints or the 6 layer waterproofing in washrooms, all speaking of the quality of a Sobha home.


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