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4 Reasons Why You And Your Kids Will Love SOBHA CITY.

In today’s quick-paced and competitive world, we are all concerned about our kids growing up in the right community. A major part of that is credited to where they live. It’s the encounters they accumulate there that characterize their future. And as protective parents, we all want to give our children the best environment to help them have a holistic development.

Designed around tomorrow’s champions, here’s why SOBHA CITY is becoming the top destination for families with children:

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#1. Old-fashioned way of living
SOBHA CITY offers unparalleled security allowing parents to relax when it comes to their children’s safety. Within the gates of SOBHA CITY, there will be designated walking/cycling trails and multiple kids’ play areas which will offer opportunities for kids to meet and play. SOBHA CITY allows you to raise your kids the “old-fashioned way” with greater freedom to roam than their urban counterparts. Children can walk and ride bikes without worrying about strangers intruding their space or vehicular movement in the vicinity. Amenities like an amphitheater, camping ground, and two clubhouses have been planned within the project to foster community building activities that will bring families closer to each other and help the kids grow in a positive environment.

#2. Skill Development
No longer do you have to travel long distances just to place your kids in camps, hoping they pick up the right skill. SOBHA CITY offers over 16 sports and social amenities like a near actual size Cricket ground, two swimming pools, basketball court, 3 flood-lit tennis courts, etc. And with these at your family’s disposal, you can be sure that your kids will get all the training they want, when they want it and however often they want it.

Banquet Hall

#3.  Celebrations unlimited
Does the thought of finding a birthday party venue make you worry? SOBHA CITY offers party spaces that can be reserved for you and your guests. Poolside party lawn within the project is spread over an acre. Also, two exclusive clubhouses have multiple spaces such as banquet halls and restaurants to host family-friendly events.

#4. Friends live right around the corner
There’s no need to chauffeur your child across the city to a play date and back. Friends will live around the corner or in the next tower.  And chances are that you have met the parents at a resident pool party, at the fitness center or at events in the clubhouse. This will help in developing their social skills; it means parents do not have to worry about their child spending time alone or glued to a screen. Hence, there are less or no chances of feeling isolated or bored.

Not just these, SOBHA CITY is an urban park development that will help in inculcating the importance of nature in the life of your kids. It has absolute open and green spaces spread across 8.5 acres and ten thousand trees planned inside. The project also overlooks acres of Delhi’s Reserved Greens, which will help you and your kids breathe fresh air.


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