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5 Things You Did Not Know About How SOBHA Makes World-Class Homes.

Those who are familiar with SOBHA are aware of the level of quality that SOBHA delivers. Continuing with the objective to deliver perfection every time, a SOBHA home has to go through intensive quality checks carried out by industry professionals.

But how does one achieve the level of quality that would deem a home worthy of the SOBHA name? Here’s how:

The beauty behind the walls
Water damage is a real threat to any walls which can destroy a wall from the inside. To prevent this from happening, all joints are filled with silicon sealant which protects the walls from water, dust and growth of fungus. The common areas are also tiled floor-to-ceiling to prevent moisture and also to ensure easy maintenance. Hollow bricks used in a Villa ensure thermal insulation as well as easier cabling.

In-house doors and windows
The fact that the doors and windows installed are made in-house, allows us to maintain a level of consistency that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. In order to maintain the visual aesthetics of homes, the architraves over the doors are designed to hide any uneven joints. Also, the weather strips along the doors and windows protect them from dust, giving them a long lasting and pleasing appearance.

Flooring precision
Tile placement at SOBHA is always done using spacers to ensure uniform gap and perfect angles to get desired slope. The tiles are fixed with prescribed adhesives and gaps are filled with grout chosen by the architect to give a neat finish and easy maintenance of the floor.

Bathroom perfection
The bathrooms in a SOBHA home have 6 layers of waterproofing applied to prevent any water from seeping through. All the details have been paid attention to, like installing wall-mounted water closets, removable tiles in false ceiling for easy access and sloped bathroom floors for better and quicker drainage. Usage of a Central Water Heating System in a Villa helps in energy conservation. The installation of individual geysers above the false ceiling in apartment bathrooms, and enhances the aesthetics.

Electrical system
Finishing of Electrical Distribution Board (DB) boxes is taken earnestly at SOBHA and hence are fixed on the level of the bulls and with reference from Meter Marking for height. This helps in the boxes to be flushed with the plastered wall and at the desired height.

Finishing with details
When it comes to finishing, SOBHA uses granite slabs for all their horizontal surfaces like window sills and parapet wall tops, along with granite coping in all ledge walls and wash basins. Taking care of the aesthetic aspect, all service lines are well concealed within shafts. To ensure that no cracks occur, the junctions of concrete and masonry are fixed with Galvanized Iron (GI) extended mesh or fiber mesh, increasing the structural integrity.

All these elements and a lot more is what goes behind the scenes in making a home that’s worthy of being called a SOBHA Home.We make sure that every step involved in making your home perfect goes exactly how it should, so you can experience a SOBHA Home the way it is meant to be.

To get a first-hand experience of what sets apart the SOBHA Homes, visit the SOBHA Museum in Sector 108, Gurgaon. The SOBHA Museum beautifully explains the construction processes and demonstrates the tools & equipments used while building a SOBHA Home.


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