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Attention Moms – 5 Tips To Make Your Tough Job A Little Easier!

Women have been in space, are scientists, CEOs and world leaders – treading new frontiers and conquering all hitherto known bastions. Yet if you ask them what the one thing they consider the toughest role or job is, undoubtedly the one that would top the list would be ‘raising kids.’ 

Mothers are often the lead caregivers and play a more significant role in the nurture and upbringing of the child. What should be the most natural and instinctive thing for them to do is often fraught with uncertainties and huge challenges, and is one of the most stressful roles especially for the modern parent.  Raising kids now seem to require strategy and skill, and is as hard on the kids as much as it is on the parent. Child psychologists agree that if a child is made to feel competent and confident, and is helped to develop a sense of passion and purpose, they grow up to be happy and successful adults.  And the key to raising such healthy, happy and well-rounded kids is to establish a solid home environment.

Here are a few pointers that can make raising kids right a little easier.

1. Go play– To average Indian parents, this is anathema; it’s something kids are allowed to do when not studying. But research proves that when kids play, it creates a foundation for intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. Children learn to combine ideas, impressions and feelings with other kids’ experiences and opinions, providing a conducive ambit for cognitive thinking. Teamwork, leadership skills, empathy and problem solving skills are all learnt on the play field.

2. Encourage exercise– Till the age of 17 children are developing not just physically and also mentally. Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain and builds new brain cells. By indulging in outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging or games such as basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, badminton or swimming, children not only grow stronger physically, making them resilient and less prone to frequent illnesses, but it also makes them mentally sharp, strong and smart.  Luckily, homes situated in large residential townships have all such facilities inbuilt; mothers don’t have to drive children around for different activities.

3. Nurture creativity– Creativity is a core and life skill and is not limited to artistic and musical expression, it is an essential component for even science and math. It facilitates problem solving, helps kids deal with change and take advantage of new opportunities. Readymade toys and entertainment largely consist of prefabricated characters and props, images and plot-lines that leave no room for imagination. Large open spaces, nature and outdoors provide wonderful outlets for riotous imagination. Let kids go camping, build bonfires, make up games and find adventures.

4. Distract and divert – Kids these days are heavily influenced by television, electronic gizmos and media so much so that among the top concerns of parenting are teaching morals and values and maintaining discipline. By keeping children meaningfully engaged and by channelizing their energies into sports, cultural or social interactions, they are unlikely to get negatively influenced. With increasing school pressures and peer pressures, kids also need meaningful outlets to de-stress.

5. Lead by example – Habits, character, traits of personality are all to a large extent formed early; and children, especially in the younger years tend to emulate and learn from the parent. Love for outdoors and sport, reading, social interactions with peers and others are influenced by the parent.  Being a parent is tough and a 24/7 job. But physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interactions of a large community all help de-stress and are necessary for the well-being of the parent.  Finding such outlets within one’s own home environment help as one doesn’t need to spend time on travel, especially in large and busy cities.

There are no sure fire formulas for raising kids right; each child is individualistic. A good home environment with the right balance of elements help.


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