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Can You Really Outsource Meticulousness!

(We beg to differ)

Sobha’s architectural design studio comprises of architects, graphic designers, model makers and 3D Visualizers and is equipped with the best of technology. The team delivers world-class design solutions with a keen eye for detail.

Architectural design in itself is a process of integrating the client’s functional requirements with the architect’s ideas and the environment. At Sobha a transparent and standard process is followed at all times.

The design process begins after the technical feasibility study of a potential piece of land is conducted. If found feasible, conceptual plans are prepared based on the design brief report given by the client. On approval of concept plans, drawings for marketing and statutory purposes are prepared.

This is followed by more comprehensive and detailed set of drawings for use in actual construction. These comprise of architectural, coordinated structural engineering and services drawings.

On an average, the total number of drawings made for a typical residential building range between 350 to 400. In order to prepare these drawings, approximately 2800 man hours are spent – a considerable amount of time! This again could vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Detailing is the key to the success of Sobha’s projects. Many of its details are standardized and well documented. These are reviewed periodically and improvised based on research, value engineering, customer feedback and on the availability of alternative products in the market. Interestingly, about 40 percent of the total set of drawings are the detailed drawings. It is these details that help the engineers to precisely construct the finer components that make the buildings truly world-class!


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