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Common Home Problems That You Will Never Face In A Sobha Home And How!

With the pride and equity of home ownership often come home problems. There are many home problems that may arise when you own a home, and we’ve got a list of some of the most common ones and how the Sobha way of making a home ensures the owners don’t have deal with these problems.

#1: Leaks and Seepage of Water:
Water seepage in the walls or roof causing damp spots can lead to serious issues later in time. It could be that the external wall is lashed by the rains or the water seeps from the bathroom above the floor that leads to damp walls. These worsen with passing time. Ugly patches develop on the wall that spread slowly to cover it.

Terrace bitumen waterproofing is done in 6 layers at Sobha – has specially manufactured polymer and suitable bitumen reinforced membrane on to a given surface to make it totally impermeable to the passage of water. External horizontal surfaces are covered with stone to protect the surface from thermal cracks and potential leakages. A drip mold is also provided to ensure aesthetics is not spoiled due to dripping water and does not cause seepage.


#2: Improper Electrical System:
This includes situations as insufficient electrical service to the house, open junction boxes, inadequate overload protection, and amateur, often dangerous, wiring connections.

Finishing of Electrical and DB boxes is taken earnestly at Sobha and hence are fixed on the level of the bulls and with reference from Meter Marking for height. This helps in the boxes to be flushed with the plastered wall and the desired height.


#3: Faulty Plumbing:
The most common plumbing defects is incompatible piping materials and faulty fixtures or waste lines. The plumbing fixtures including taps, water inlet and outlet valves, bathroom flushers, showers, sinks, traps, etc. are an easy place for leaks.

Bore packing is the process of sealing the pipes which are passing through the floors and against any water leakage. The pipe lines which are above the false ceiling enter into the shaft with the required slope and alignment. Under tile waterproofing is mainly done before tiling in areas like bathrooms, balconies and other water prone areas. Plumbing shaft, these are the openings which run along the height of the building and are used for installation of services. Floor trap position is marked prior to the start of the flooring in toilets. It is placed in exact corner of a tile to ensure no ponding of water takes place. At Sobha, even the private spaces are as important as all the other parts of the house.


#4: Doors and windows:
Flaws in a home’s exterior, including windows, doors, and wall surfaces, are responsible for the discomfort of water and air penetration, but rarely have structural significance. Inadequate caulking and/or weather-stripping are the most common culprits.

In each Sobha Home, Galvanized Iron (GI) corner beads are fixed by us to protect the exposed edges of internal walls from breaking due to minor impacts. Door opening is provided as per the structural opening in block work as per the drawing. The accuracy of door opening size is very important for the finish of the door. Hence, at Sobha, as a standard practice, Aluminum templates are used to ensure perfect opening dimensions. A unique technique using glue and foam is used to install the door, after first coat of paint, to ensure doors in good condition for a long term.

To get a first-hand experience of what sets apart the Sobha Homes, visit the Sobha Museum in Sector 108, Gurgaon. The Sobha Museum beautifully explains the construction processes used while building a Sobha home and also showcases the tools/equipment used.



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