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Devotion at Work: The Sobha Way.

For many companies, it’s not enough to make money and satisfy customers. These companies often go the extra mile to give a little something back to the community, and the world at large. They’ve developed solid reputations for going out and doing some good, turning their success into an opportunity to help others.

SOBHA is one such company that believes strongly in being socially responsible. The seeds of its CSR project were planted nearly 20 years ago when PNC Menon, the founder of the group, created the Sri Kurumba Trust to execute his philanthropic vision in 1994. The Sri Kurumba Trust started by creating quality facilities for the all-round development of the beneficiary groups in the two villages that he adopted in Palakkad district, Kerala. There were several components in the plan, but the most important was to invest in the future of the society and simultaneously take care of the elders. Taking his grand vision forward, here’s how SOBHA is spreading happiness, one initiative at a time:

SOBHA Hermitage
SOBHA Hermitage, located on 23 acres of verdant green estates, is the most benevolent home one can hope to find for the deprived. It is the epitome of humanity, offering love, care, and support to the neglected sections of the society – senior citizens as well as young widows. The residents stay in a secular and secure environment where they are provided with food, clothing, shelter and premium resources, and services along with the best facilities, all on the house.

Sobha Hermitage

SOBHA Health Care
The SOBHA Health Care Centre has redefined the limits of primary healthcare institutions anywhere in the country. The target group comprises the 2,500 BPL families of the adopted panchayats, senior citizens of SOBHA Hermitage, students of the SOBHA Academy and their parents. The facilities include free consultation, diagnosis, tests, treatment, and medicines. The Centre has also set up outreach counters to reach out to the needy at their doorsteps.

Sobha Healthcare_1

SOBHA Academy
The SOBHA Academy was started in the year 2007 to empower and enable the rural poor by providing their children with high-quality education. As of 2016-17, 993 students have access to free, quality education as a result of this initiative. Every academic year, 90 students (3 divisions of 30 each) are taken in; once admitted, all the requirements of the children, including food, transportation, uniforms, books, medical care, etc., are met at no cost.

Sobha Academy

SOBHA Icon aims at creating ‘icons for India’ by making high-quality learning opportunities available for deserving students of other government schools who have exceptional skills but not the opportunities to grow. Regular academic professionals have been engaged to enhance the performance of more than 250 students.

SOBHA Dowry-less Social Wedding
Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust conducts social weddings that are free from the fangs of dowry and till date, has carried out 550 weddings. It helps approximately forty women get married each year and provides basic resources to the couples to help them begin their wedded life.

sobha dowryless wedding

SOBHA Rural Women Empowerment
It has taken 50 widowed mothers and their children belonging to the Kizhakkenchery panchayat under their wing. They are provided with a basic monthly living allowance, clothing, medical and other personal accessories. Educational expenses of their children are met by the Trust to give them adequate opportunity to come up in life.

sobha rural women empowerment

My view is very simple; I am lucky to have made my money. After a certain point in time, money cannot make a difference in your life. I feel that it’s not even called charity; it’s about accountability and the responsibility of society. – PNC Menon


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