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Green Homes – In Every Way

We had decided to gift Sakshi and Avik a couple of beautiful Anthuriums and Peace Lily plants for their housewarming. We were looking forward to seeing their new villa as we were also planning to soon explore residential villa properties for ourselves. They were delighted with the plants as gifts, for in and around their villa was just barren landscape. We were told that the builder would start the landscaping in a few months’ time.  So, when we started scouting for our own property, the one thing we were particular about was the landscaping as we are both nature lovers and we needed lots of it around us. We found just what we were looking for in villas at International City by Sobha Group.

At Sobha, greenery is an important part of the living eco-space. The same degree of quality and perfection that goes into building the homes is put in to the landscaping too.  Sobha has an in-house horticulture specialist along with a large dedicated team, whose job is to ensure that all Sobha projects are among the greenest residential spaces in NCR. International City, being their first project in NCR, is an exclusive villa community with meticulously planned eco-friendly infrastructure, tree-lined avenues and well maintained front & rear lawns along-with terrace gardens for each individual villa. It surely is no easy job considering the harsh and widely varying climate of North India, hot winds during summer, low humidity and alkaline soil.

Green homes

To start with, the blueprint of the landscaping is done along with the rest of the structures, it’s not an afterthought. So, the greens and landscaping are almost ready when residents move into their homes. For this, a systematic process is followed across all Sobha projects:

  • A special environmental study is conducted on soil, water and local conditions
  • The soil is prepared using organic manure, and coco chips are used to ensure water retention
  • Only indigenous plants suitable for the local conditions are planted, as they are environmentally suitable and easier to maintain
  • Keeping with the principle of ‘Beauty + Utility,’ a healthy mix of medicinal, aromatic, fruits and colorful plants are used


The efforts are continuous and constant, considering the International City project being developed in 4 phases. Approximately 3561 large trees in the common areas and around 1125 fruit plants around the villas are already growing and thriving, which is roughly one tree for every 8 sq. m. The pollution of NCR will have no place inside the International City perimeters.

International City

Our housewarming party at Sobha’s International City will be at our private garden. We are really looking forward to that.


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