Sobha City

Half An Acre Of Poolside Area Right Next To Your Home!

(That's Like Over 26,000 sq.ft. Of Your Own Holiday Resort)

Where do you hear the sound of endless laughter coming from children as they throw a beach-ball around, coupled with the sight of people enjoying themselves in the midst of lush tropical green surroundings with dark blue clear water, multiple peaceful lagoons and unwinding with sangrias in their hand and smiles on their face? Most probably in any of the family beach resorts in Bali, Phuket or Goa! Now imagine this delightful setting within your home complex. This resort-style pool is strategically positioned right in the heart of Sobha City, Gurgaon.


Located at the centre of the urban park, this organic style lakelet marvel provides its residents with a view that can only be described as out of the ordinary. On a daily basis, one will be greeted by the striking visual of the vacation-like atmosphere.

The elegant and charming ambiance of Sobha City’s lakelet spread across half an acre, is designed in a shape to allow multiple private zones for families to enjoy simultaneously, without crowding the pool.


Colorful landscaping fringes this vast tropical lakelet. The palm trees swaying in the islets in the pool and the sight of well-manicured greens in the adjoining party lawn, adjacent to the actual size cricket ground, make the lakelet the greenest hub of this urban park residential development.

The poolside is adorned with neatly placed loungers and cabanas in six different orientations, inviting one to sit next to the pool and flip the magazines or take a swim in the vibrant turquoise waters.

There is something for all– toddlers, teens and adults– to discover and explore at the Sobha City lakelet. A special area of the lakelet is reserved for children who can enjoy a secure place to splash around.

Sobha City, Gurgaon is spread across 39 acres and aims to be the bastion of modern urban park living with the level of quality nearing perfection. Being an owner of a Sobha home, you can rest assured that the level of detail and finishes are going to be a few steps above the rest.


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