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Here Is What Makes SOBHA The Most Admired Developer Of India.


In the Indian real estate industry, it’s not uncommon to find homeowners complaining about the construction and workmanship. An inefficient construction system, project delays coupled with rampant violation of building codes, have resulted in compromises with quality, making structures more prone to structural and safety malfunctions.

Owing to the increasing number of distressed customers, measures are being taken to make people aware of quality one must expect. For instance, well-known publications like ET Realty are taking it upon themselves to educate a common man on the various aspects to look out for before buying or booking their home. From the structural material to the tiles in the bathroom, there is a way to inspect every aspect. Here’s the checklist for a quick look –

International quality value system is what differentiates SOBHA from everyone. SOBHA is the first Indian real estate company to obtain ISO 9001 certification – world’s most recognized certification for Quality Management System. Quality control and assurance processes in SOBHA are like a devotional ritual and religiously practiced for the last 25 years. Simply put, this means that they do not cut corners towards making world-class products. A multi-layered quality monitoring and inspection process headed by German experts is in place to guarantee the highest quality of end product. Not only this, but the company believes in surpassing their own high standards on a regular basis. This ethos comes from the founder’s mindset. Mr. PNC Menon recently said ”I am never completely satisfied. I feel that there is so much more to progress towards quality”

To a person buying a SOBHA Home, this quality translates to creating a legacy and making an exceptional emotional statement. The pride and equity of owning a SOBHA home is well earned with flawless walls, neatly finished floors, even joints, robust doors & windows, uniform alignments, desired slopes, etc. No layer of paint is uneven, not a single tile is mislaid. The path for perfect execution at SOBHA is laid with the mindset of doing everything themselves. It has created in-house capabilities at every step of real estate value chain – from design to execution, concrete products to metal works, and interiors to home furnishing.

To ensure SOBHA’s stringent adherence to superior quality and on time delivery of a flawless home, the Chairman of SOBHA Limited, Mr. Ravi Menon himself inspects every completed residential project meticulously, before it is approved for hand-over to customers. He looks at the finishing details, whether they are perfect, whether the doors are opening properly, tiles are placed at correct angles, and even whether the water pressure in the taps is right. This fastidious approach to deliver impeccable quality homes explains why SOBHA has been No.1 in independent annual rankings of India’s developers.


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