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Here’s to Sobha Technicians Who Get Their Alignment Right Each Time.

(With due respect to their self belief to excel)

He is at the heart of every home constructed by Sobha. He is a master craftsman. With this belief, support and training, every employee / technician at Sobha has inculcated the philosophy that runs from the top, of ‘passion at work’.

Perfection comes by practice, proper training and by working according to the organisation s structured process. The first thing a worker/technician experiences after joining Sobha is a proper technical training program regardless of what his previous experience has been. He has to adhere to the stringent quality standards that everyone follows in this organization.

Following that, he undergoes “hands–on” training at the project site for, floor tiling, wall tiling and specialized work for swimming pools. All this is taught in conformance with Sobha’s quality standards and by means of the right tools – which comprise of specialized imported tools from Germany.

Every technician looks into every minute detail before he begins the work.

A tile technician at Sobha for instance, first studies the drawing and identifies the number of tiles required in a particular area and subsequently plans the cutting after taking into consideration the size of the skirting and openings for the electrical boxes . All this is carried out whilst optimizing resources and reducing wastage

Continuous training to employees and technician is the key to Sobha’s execution success of delivering over 67 million sq.ft. of area and the secret to getting it right each time.


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