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Homes Designed For A World, Where Work From Home Is Becoming The New Norm.

It is safe to say that we now live in a world where we can refer to times as Pre-COVID and Post-COVID. While COVID -19 is continuously impacting every aspect of human life, homes – the safest sanctuary for us are far from being affected by it. Normally, houses are divided into living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, but we are moving in a direction where having a study/office at home is going to become quite the norm.

As we all know, work from home has already become a reality for most of the professionals now. With several offices taking safety measures and allowing employees to work remotely, most professionals have set up their workspace on the dining table, a corner of their bedroom or perhaps even in the guest bedroom. This might seem okay for a temporary arrangement, but if various studies are to be believed, work from home is here to stay for long. In a scenario like this, where working from home is becoming the new normal, it’s time to bring the office to your home.

Keeping this in mind, it is only imperative that people are now preferring homes with a dedicated office / work space. Here are the highlights of a SOBHA Home with a provision to live-work that are becoming a hit with our customers:

The Placement
The home-office/study is ideally located closer to the entrance of the house so that visitors, if any, can be met without causing any disturbance to other family members. Also, a second entry doorway into the room from the elevator lobby is a huge bonus. The home-office/study is strategically placed in such a way that it is neither too isolated nor too public so that one can strike a balance between work and play.

The Privacy
The home-office/study has enhanced privacy as it is placed away from the central activity hub such as the kitchen, living or master bedroom to minimize distractions. It is supposed to be the most productive room — whether for your full-time job, side hustle or finishing that novel.

The Space
The home-office/study has optimum space for one to organise and have a clutter-free surrounding. Adequate provisions for horizontal and vertical storage for present and future requirements have been kept in mind while designing this space.

The Lighting
Natural ventilation, airy spaces and provision for appropriate light fixtures promote functionality and efficiency. All of these are in abundance in the home-office that are bound to create the right environment to ensure productivity.

You know what to look for in your next home. Stay ahead of time and invest in homes that are future-ready. You could virtually explore the home with office space at SOBHA CITY, Gurgaon here –

SOBHA CITY, Gurgaon features 2 & 3 bedroom urban park residences with Work-From-Home options in all layouts, spread over an area of 39 acre of contiguous land with 8.5 acre of open & green spaces. This landmark address offers 2 clubhouses, a 90m dia Cricket ground, a dedicated camping ground, an organic lakelet spread over 0.6 acres with an Olympic size swimming pool, 1km long & 3m wide walking & biking trail and many more luxurious amenities ever witnessed in any apartment project of Delhi NCR.


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