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A Sobha home is a legacy to be passed down generations. Each unit of a Sobha home is made with the intention that it has to be handed over to the next generation.Sobha prides in taking care of the little things: a light switch where you’d expect it, parking space that’s never a squeeze and bathrooms made with enough room for your elbows.

Quite clearly backward integration helps. Sobha is regularly innovating with its raw material. For instance, Sobha uses flax seed as a base for some of its doors. Apart from being environmentally friendly, this also makes a lighter and more durable product.


Similarly, the cladding material used at Sobha International City, Gurgaon, is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, which is cost effective, requires less maintenance and is resistant to both moth and fire.  Such innovations in construction keep Sobha homes not only future ready, but also make them an excellent living option.


Sobha homes have certain ground rules, ensuring durability. Like – granite for all window sills, beading on wall corners so that moving in doesn’t leave a permanent mark, rubber fender guards on basement columns to protect your vehicle, tiles laid out in perfect symmetry so that there is no chance of cracks and so on.

Everything at Sobha is done through a process driven approach. The quest for quality begins right at the designing stage where more than 350 drawings are made for a single project after spending about 2800 man hours. 40% of these drawings are in detail, thus making it easier for engineers to precisely construct all the finer components that make the buildings truly world-class.


You will always find expansion material between the joints to avoid cracks; architraves under door and window frames to conceal uneven openings; six layer water proofing for washrooms to avoid seepage and ensure damp free walls.The floors are appropriately sloped for better and faster drainage.Everything ensuring that you get the quality you are looking for.


In the long term, this translates into a smooth living experience. Perfectly symmetrical and evenly laid out tiling in all the rooms and the toilets, the grouting between the tiles which do not allow the dust to settle, balconies which do not get immersed in water when the rain comes lashing, toilets which do not flood the adjoining bedrooms when someone takes a shower, immaculately plastered and spotlessly painted walls, perfectly placed lights, fans and other sanitary fittings.

Such finer details have made Sobha the brand it is today and its homes the perfect living option for anyone looking uncompromised living.


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