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In Search Of Perfection- Going Above and Beyond

Backward Integration

If you want something done right, do it yourself.’ Thus goes a well – known quote that has been attributed to a number of people, from a famous French play writer to Napoleon Bonaparte and to many other famous personalities.  It stands to reason that such a thought would be a characteristic of a perfectionist and of most successful entrepreneurs. This has been successfully implemented to perfection at Sobha Limited.

The only builder in India and perhaps one of the very few in the world to engage in backward integration, all Sobha projects have the doors, windows and other carpentry required for its buildings made in their own wood work factory; a fully automated unit manufactures all concrete material including blocks, pavers, curb stones to international specifications; a glazing and metal works division makes all aluminum and metal components required for the projects. A full-fledged learning center trains and skills their entire workforce in the latest techniques and technology to ensure and maintain highest quality standards.  Every employee, from the semiskilled worker to craftsmen to technicians to supervisors to managers undergo regular hands-on training and skill upgradation at the Sobha Academy in Bangalore.

The results are obvious to see. Every nook, corner and nuance of each project executed, be it a palace interior in the Gulf, a 2-bedroom affordable housing project in Bangalore, a super luxury villa project in Gurgaon or a commercial project for Infosys – over 7 million square meters across countries stand testimony to the intrinsic international quality standards and perfection in execution and design.

Call it backward integration or in other words a quest for perfection.


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