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Is This Kind Of Housing Complex You Will Prefer In The Future?

Homes after COVID-19

It was in 2015, Bill Gates predicted in Ted Talks the greatest risk of global catastrophe. He had warned, “If anything kills over 10 million people over the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war or missiles.” Today we know that his fears were not baseless. Five years later, Coronavirus or as we say COVID-19, has brought the world to its knees. Businesses, schools, colleges, travel and tourism, all have been affected. The world is now talking about never going back to normal but it’s the beginning of the New Normal.

We all have been reading about how hygiene consciousness, work from home or online education, etc. are the new normal constituents but what about its impact on the future of residential complexes? What kind of homes people would like to live in future? Let’s explore.

Space. Space. Space.
One impact we see in the housing complexes is the overall space. In simple terms, bigger the better! For a simple reason that bigger complexes will have more open space and amenities & facilities to offer. We would all want more space to walk or cycle around, more sports facilities, more families to mingle with and more shops within the complex.

How does SOBHA CITY score here?
SOBHA CITY is spread over 39 acre of land parcel and is perhaps the largest group housing residential complex in Delhi NCR in the recent times.

Safety and Security
Multi-tier security is the key; right from gated access, boundary wall, individual tower access and finally entry to your apartment. More important will be the safety of your kids to play around in the complex in a vast vehicle-free area.

How does SOBHA CITY fair on safety?
SOBHA CITY is a gated residential complex with a well-defined boundary wall at the periphery,  CCTV coverage, having regulated access to individual towers and lift lobbies. It has over 8.5 acre of vehicle-free area for its residents to enjoy life

Skewed Towards Fitness
After COVID-19 and considering the current trend over the recent years, wellness and fitness have become a priority. Gone are the days when only one gymnasium would suffice in the residential complexes. People desire to have open ground for fitness, ample space for yoga and walking/jogging, and of course, a fully equipped gymnasium in a clubhouse. Today, the presence of a clubhouse has also grown to be an important part of the lifestyle of several discerning buyers.

What is the fitness quotient of SOBHA CITY?
SOBHA CITY offers you the experience to enjoy the luxuries of clubhouse in not just one but two. These clubhouses have two gyms, dedicated yoga area and ample indoor sports facilities like squash, table tennis, all-weather swimming pool, etc. making it an epitome in defining the wellness or fitness criteria in Delhi NCR. 

Playgrounds and Dedicated Spaces
As they say, sporty mind is a healthy mind. Residents today want to have plenty of sporting options to lead an active lifestyle; gone are the days when residents were satisfied with 3 to 4 typical sports facilities in their residential complexes. The current preference is that more opportunity to play within the complex the better it is.

Where does SOBHA CITY stand on sporting options?
SOBHA CITY interestingly offers over 16 sports facilities like Cricket (on a 90 dia. luscious green playground), football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, swimming, skating, camping, etc – all these under the open sky and apart from the ones inside the two luxurious clubhouses.

Open Spaces and Natural Surroundings
It has been proven that proper landscape planning and designs with the sustainability concept and approach help to create a conducive and responsive environment of housing development. Landscape, which includes topography, vegetation and associated plants and soil, water bodies, and their spatial configuration, is one of the most visual needs of people. Green landscaping is not just visually appealing but reduces air, soil, and water pollution, and make healthy recreation spaces.

How does SOBHA CITY fair on open spaces?
SOBHA CITY in lines with the landscaping in International City, Delhi NCR’s exclusive villa township, is going to be meticulous with excess of greens and its natural visual appeal. True to its promise of living in an urban park, its approach is to plant over 10,000 tress and have half an acre of lakelet within its complex. The air, water, roads and parks – everything at SOBHA CITY will be clean and healthy. Regulated traffic will reduce the pollution and maintenance will ensure clean and hygienic environment round the clock.

Homes with a View
It’s obvious that the lifestyle of tomorrow is going to demand more indoor time. Considering that, who would not like to have a home with a view. You do not want to be peeking into your neighbour’s apartment or vice versa. Your eyes need a feast whenever you stand in the balcony or look out of your window in your solitude time.  

What are the views like at SOBHA CITY?
SOBHA CITY is enviously placed in such a manner that either you overlook the vast land of Delhi’s Reserved Greens or you enjoy the open interior settings of the complex – well landscaped resort style lakelet and lush greenery of cricket ground. Whichever way the residents look, they are sure to find mesmerising views.

Your Community
More and more people are being particular about the neighbourhood community as that will reflect their lifestyle, daily interactions and moreover, that is where their kids will grow. The aspiration will be to be surrounded by talented & successful people, be it multinational executives, healthcare or finance professionals or successful entrepreneurs.

Who are your neighbours at SOBHA CITY?
SOBHA CITY is known for its diverse and young community with 70% of the residents below the age of 50 and executives of Fortune 500 and top Indian Corporates.

Shops more than Daily Needs
We are already moving in the direction where shopping in the future will be in two ways – either online or within the walking distance. More the shops within your own residential complex more convenience it offers to the residents. Imagine going to daily groceries, parlour, café, pizza outlet, etc. without stepping out of your gate or simply crossing a road.

Does SOBHA CITY offer all the conveniences?
SOBHA CITY has over 10 shops within its complex and a high-street complex right across the road. Both accessible within walking distance. There is a comfort that comes with not having to worry about little things –  knowing that everything is close at hand. Parks, shops or restaurant – you don’t have to get the car out for anything. Need to buy groceries? Look no further than the gate, as a grocery store is available within the township.

SOBHA CITY leaves no stones unturned to provide you with the ultimate convenience. With the presence of multitude of amenities and facilities, you wouldn’t have to go look anywhere else to lead a healthy life or just spend your time off in a way that suits you the best. Everything that you need is here at Sobha City.


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