Know Your Floor Plan Better!

(After All, That’s What You Actually Own!)

As a homeowner, one would like to ensure that the floor plan makes optimum use of space. A well-designed floor plan must offer more space and ease the access between rooms. The visual appeal of the interiors also depends on the floor plan to a great extent. Here are certain things to look into a floor plan:

#1 Does it fit your lifestyle?
You need to understand and evaluate the floor plan based on your lifestyle and needs. Consider your requirements with respect to the number of rooms, bathrooms, balconies and other interior spaces. Every family doesn’t need a sprawling estate nor does every family feel comfortable in a compact home. While choosing a floor plan, first you should start with how large a home will fit your lifestyle.

Floor Plan

#2 Your master bedroom is the key!
The most important room in a house is your bedroom. Studies say that one ends up spending 1/3rd of the time in the bedroom. So, the room layout should be such that there is adequate space for movement. Besides, you should be able to place the furniture at least 2-3 inches away from the wall. In a well-designed floor plan, the bedroom should be at least 12 feet long and 10 feet wide, which can comfortably accommodate a bed, whose size may vary between 7-9 feet in length.


#3 Kitchen is the heart of the home!
After the bedroom, kitchen is the most used space of the home. It should be conducive for the homemaker to work in the kitchen. Having a utility area attached to the kitchen helps a great deal. Explore homes with a layout of the kitchen closer to the dining space.

#4 Form, flow and function!
When choosing a floor plan, ensure that your home is functional for your daily activities with optimum utilization of space. Your decision towards selecting the right floor plan should not be based on how nice a carpet may look in the living room rather, it should be based on certain criteria like the windows being in the right place, the living room being welcoming and there being enough private space for the family to bond.


#5 Visualise with the furniture!
You should have a well-planned space for furniture. Whether it is a bedroom or a living room, you should be able to place the furniture and have sufficient movable space. Room sizes should be apt enough to accommodate the furniture of your choice, but at the same time, space should not look cramped up after placing the furniture.

#6 Let the light do the rest!
Try to look for layouts that allow natural light and ventilation as much as possible. Having floor to ceiling windows and a decent size balcony is a boon. A home with natural light and airflow is generally a happier and healthier one.

Always remember, it’s the inside that counts.


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