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Living At SOBHA CITY Can Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle. Read To Know How!

Leading a sound way of life is more than deciding to eat well and working out. Our well-being is generally dictated by where we live, opportunities to safely be active outside and an environment that encourages us to be healthy.

SOBHA CITY is without a doubt planned to give you best of both the worlds. Not only will you live close to all the essentials in the city but also stay in a complex that is lush, green and is certainly great for leading a healthy life. How you ask? As per research, living amidst green surroundings has been shown to promote well-being and health. Be it jogging amidst lush greenery or simply breathing in serenity, here’s why SOBHA CITY is ideal for you:

Studies have found association between availability of open green space in the surrounding and physical activity levels. Open and dedicated green spaces play a vital role in staying active for children and adults alike.

SOBHA CITY is aptly called Urban Park Residences as it has an abundance of greens with 8.5 acre of open green space. When you live at SOBHA CITY, you can start your day with a brisk jog to fill your lungs with fresh air in the morning or take pleasure in leisurely evening strolls to enjoy the sunsets. The 1.5 km long designated walking and biking trail is set amidst spectacular nature. Not only will this have a positive impact on your health but will also give you the opportunity to spend more time with your partner and get your kids away from the TV or tablet.

Two clubhouses with plethora fitness facilities like gymnasiums, aerobics & Pilates studio and yoga room are one of the favourite amenities of the home owners of SOBHA CITY.

Having access to two gymnasiums gives you the chance to work up a good sweat without having to even leave your own complex. If you are one of those who follow a strict fitness regime, having gymnasiums and other fitness facilities so close to your home will only make your day better, every day.

Water is known to be very therapeutic. Research has shown that our body and mind tend to have an emotional relationship with water which is also known as “Blue Mind” effect. It’s a state when our body and soul feel more relaxed when near water. Ever noticed how you feel more meditative as soon as you get near the beach? It’s this effect!

SOBHA CITY features over half an acre of lakelet with pool decks that make for a perfect setting. The picturesque set is sure to give your mind the much-needed peace and your body a dose of Vitamin D as you will spend your leisure time on the pool decks by the water body. The soothing sounds of water and birds chirping will help you relax and calm the mind ensuring a better sleep at night.

The sheer amount of fresh air and low pollution you will be living in as compared to the rest of the city makes SOBHA CITY all the more worthwhile. Imagine coming home every day where you can just release your stress after a long hard day at work. Feels heavenly, right? What are you waiting for then? It’s time to check out SOBHA CITY right away.

SOBHA CITY features 2 & 3 bedroom urban park residences, spread over an area of 39 acres of contiguous land with 8.5 acres of open green spaces. This landmark address offers 2 clubhouses, a 90m dia Cricket ground, a dedicated camping ground, an organic lakelet spread over 0.6 acres with an Olympic size swimming pool, 1km long & 3m wide walking & biking trail and many more luxurious amenities ever witnessed in any apartment project of Delhi NCR.


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