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Making Every Drop Count At International City, Gurgaon. (An insight into THE SOBHA WAY of treating water)

Water is and will be the primal focus as the world evolves every day. We might be surrounded by large water masses, but those still need to be effectively utilized. Available in different forms: the key question is how much can be made useful for human consumption. One such way is by reusing the treated water for flushing, cleaning, and watering the landscape, saving around 40% of the total water requirement.

Most treatment plants fail to perform due to poor design, execution, selection of wrong technology or lack of knowledge about safety requirements. However, the robust design, execution, ease of operation and maintenance of SOBHA’s treatment plant at their world-class project International City and their adoption of Reverse Osmosis technology in their project has won the appreciation of authorities and customers alike.

How does the Water Treatment Plant work? 
At SOBHA, utmost care is taken to not only to follow the necessary guidelines but also to use the best of technology to power the Water Treatment Plants. Depending upon the quality of water, the treatment process can be classified into 3 cases:

Case I: If the water is highly turbid, the treatment starts with the collected water being pumped into a secondary treatment system. This Secondary Treatment involves a Flocculation Mixer Tank and a Lamella Clarifier. In this process alum & polymer are added to the rainwater, to increase the specific gravity of the solids present in water. The Lamella Clarifier which is a highly rated clarifier increases the sedimentation process. 

The Tertiary phase involves Ultra Filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). At this stage, the clarified water is pumped to a Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) for filtration. The PSF is designed to remove suspended solids and other impurities from the incoming raw water. The Activated Carbon Filter treatment unit further removes the colour, odour and organic matter present in the filtered water. The water is then fed to the UF system for removal of SDI (Silt Density Index) which is a pre-requisite for RO system. RO Technology is used for the removal of salts (Hardness, TDS, etc.) from the water. The treated water from UF tank undergoes further treatment (Reverse Osmosis) and is collected into the final water tank for urban usage.

Case II: If the water contains high level of TDS & Hardness levels are higher than permissible limits, then Reverse Osmosis is carried out and the water is disinfected using chlorine.

Case III: If the water is within the permissible limits as per IS 10500, no treatment is required and the water is directly distributed to the end-user.

Water Treatment has numerous advantages, firstly it helps bring the water quality to prescribed drinking water standards (IS 10500-2012 specifications). The process reduces the water contaminants’ concentration to make the water as per the desired usage. Other than this, it kills the microorganisms, present in the water. Today, waste water treatment plays a pivotal role in not only solving the water scarcity problems but also promoting a sustainable lifestyle. SOBHA is at the forefront of playing its part in the process as all its projects offer world-class amenities with an emphasis on sustainable living.

International City, located in sector 109 & 106, is a carefully planned project with well-designed and executed infrastructure facilities amidst green surroundings. The project has one of the largest clubhouses in NCR which is spread across 2 acres, offering best-in-class sports and social amenities. International City has incorporated multiple sustainability features and strongly believes in fostering the values of an eco-friendly living for its villa residents. Right from incorporating Rainwater Harvesting pits & collection chambers, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Organic Waste Converters to using Centralized Heat Pump & VRF Air-conditioning Systems in every villa, International City offers eco-friendly living that sets it apart.


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