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Masterpiece Of Modern India- Global Education Centre II

Global Education Centre II

Sobha’s contractual division boasts of an expansive portfolio of 273 projects covering 3.79 million sq. m. in 24 cities across India.

The year of 2009 marked the completion of one of the landmark projects of Sobha Limited in contracts business – Global Education Centre II, the largest corporate education center in the world for Infosys Technologies Ltd., Mysore. The training center is one of the largest monolithic structure to be constructed in Independent India and also the largest in Asia.

The imposing edifice is designed entirely on classical style of architecture with similarities to the Colosseum of Rome, while the pillars are reflective of the Parliament house. It is an excellent aesthetic combination of Neo- Classical Greeko – Roman architecture. The most prominent and distinguishing aspect of GEC II is its enormous dome that emerges from the center of the structure and overlooks the entire campus.

The Sobha team shaped this striking monument that has a floor area of 10.5 lakh sq. ft. in just 38 months! The sumptuous interior, in keeping with the grand exterior has eighty four 100 seater, three 200 seater, six 60 seater classroom, five examination halls, 302 faculty cabins, 19 meeting halls, an induction hall which can seat 300 trainees, a food court with seating capacity of 1772, a state-of-the-art library which can accommodate 80,000 books, a 42 seater management council hall with acoustically designed walls, marquetry granite car porch, intricate patterned Italian marble in the entrance lobby, a central atrium and classical cast iron hand rails in grand staircases. The interior finishes befit a palace! Huge circulation spaces like front plaza, a dancing musical fountain combine with scores of trees, flowers and shrubs create a paradise!

Few education centers in the world will match GEC II; it is unquestioningly a masterpiece of symmetry, discipline, silhouette, colour and harmony.


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