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New Towers Bring New Opportunity

Sobha City, pre-launches three new towers.

All of us have that distant dream of owning a house when we are young. As we progress in life, that dream fades away in the midst of professional and personal struggles and we settle for less. And then sometimes, life offers us a chance to re-own that dream. We see an opportunity staring at us. All we need is the will power to go for it.

One such opportunity is the pre-launch of new towers at Sobha City. As if the size and amenities of Sobha City are not motivating enough, with pre launch offer, one can walk away with one’s preferred unit and savings of as high as Rs 14 Lakh at the same time. It’s not every day you strike a bargain like this.


Developed over 39 acre campus Sobha City gives you enough flexibility to enjoy all types of amenities. 8.5 acre absolute green spaces, resort style lakelet, a near actual size(90m dia) cricket stadium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools- the list of amenities ceases to end.


With the club houses being hygiene these days, Sobha City goes a step further when it offers proper facilities for 16 sports including tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. It also has shopping arcades and a school complex in its vicinity. You shall be lucky, if you find a project with similar facilities in entire Gurgaon.


With the New Towers in picture, one gets to select their preferential units before anyone else. Get the best views before they are taken. Who wouldn’t want to get up to the view of a lush green cricket ground staring at them or to enjoy the serenity of the lakelet view, as they get up in the morning.


The premium units get sold out in a blink of an eye. So brace yourselves. What’s more, these new towers are being rolled out at a pre-launch price with easy payment options, giving enough incentive for the ones looking for huge savings.


The market observers know that the inventory in the first phase of three towers is depleting every day. The new towers will launch any time now. Also, the developer community as a whole is gearing up for a price revision as Dwarka Expressway gets operational by the year end. So it’s only prudent to examine this opportunity and take a call now.


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