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Open Spaces And Fresh Air – A Fight Against Pollution

Dad: “Hi Son, how was school?”
Ashish: “Most students didn’t come to school today too. Only the few of us with our masks on, like the type you bought me came, Papa.”

Dad: “So no lessons today too?”
Ashish: “Ratna Ma’am taught us about pollution.  She said it was a lesson we all need to learn anyways. Did you know that the air pollution can cause mental illness, diabetes, kidney disease, and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s? Children especially can get affected – our brain and bodies stop growing properly. She said that people in countries with less or no pollution can live 6 years longer than us.”

“She said that we all need to make sure that we avoid doing things like burning waste, or driving polluting vehicles or bursting crackers as much as possible.”

Dad: “That’s true Beta. We have over the years been responsible for pollution. You should make sure that you tell all your friends also about it.”
Ashish: “But Dad, I’m scared. Is there nothing we can do now? I don’t want to fall sick.”

Dad: “Don’t worry Beta.  Soon we will not have to face this. We will be buying a home in a place that is free from pollution.”

Ashish: “We are going abroad?”
Dad: “No Son. I am buying a home that will be surrounded by parks, with lots of trees around and free from pollution.”

Ashish’s dad has made a wise move.

NCR has been steadily waging a losing battle against pollution from various sources – vehicular, burning coal, industrial, crops – for several years now. And the effects are truly devastating.

Urban green belts or large open spaces, considered green lungs of cities can act as a buffer against pollution. They act as a sink hole for some of the harmful gases released by vehicles and industries, such as fine particulates (PM10s and PM2.5s) of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. It also helps reduce noise levels and absorb excessive rain, preventing flooding.

Some of the most livable cities of the world are known for their open spaces – Hyde Park in London, Central Park in New York, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore, and Phoenix Park in Dublin. In a populated city like NCR, only minimal tracts of land have been kept aside to be developed as open greens within the city.

Fortunately, premium residential projects like Sobha City are abetting Delhi’s reserved forest greens and are having 8.5 acres of absolute open greens within its complex. Apart from providing fresh air and a soothing sight for sore eyes, the urban parks play an important role in the well-being of its residents.  It’s a place where children can run around and play (not virtual games), provide a place for people to gather and interact (in real life, not on social media) and allow the elderly a safe place to walk and exercise. It’s not a surprise that Sobha City has its own near actual size Cricket Ground and a dedicated camping zone within the premise itself. The homes at Sobha City are aptly called Urban Park Residences! It’s worth checking out, for the sake of yours and your loved ones health.


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