Over 80% Home Buyers Miss Out On These Important Construction Details.

Many home buyers realise that the quality of construction of their newly bought home is not up-to-the-mark and as promised at the time of booking/purchase, only after they take possession of their home. The problems mostly pertain to leakage, sub-standard flooring, uneven plastering of walls, inferior quality of plumbing, electric wiring and faulty alignment of doors, window frames & grills. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to look out for some visible signs that will help you determine the construction quality of the project before buying the property.

Here are some check points that can help you assess the quality of the construction thus preventing repair and maintenance costs immediately on your newly purchased home:

Builders check the strength of the concrete mix as the grade of concrete and concrete-sand ratio are crucial for the quality of construction. You can check this by driving a nail into the walls. The quality of concrete is not up to the mark if this activity is done with ease.

Buyers must look out for the quality of paint on the walls. Cheap paint quality results in poor finishing and reduces durability. This also means that walls might need to be repainted within a short span of time. You could rub the plaster from the walls to assess the quality of the paint used. If the paint comes off easily, it means it is not of very high quality.

While doing the site visit, it is important to observe any cracks in the building as it is a sign of a weak foundation. Even minor cracks in walls reflect upon the inferior quality of materials used for construction. Superior construction ensures the safety of the building and hence safety of your home.

Kitchen & bathroom fixtures such as taps and shower should be in good working condition and of reputed make. Along with this, check whether the floors of the bathrooms have the right slope so that water flows into drains and does not get stagnant. Tiles used in the bathroom and kitchen are a good indicator of the overall quality of construction. Buyers must also keep an eye on the door, its handles, electrical fittings and window latches.

Building’s common areas can also help you judge developers’ stress on construction quality. Common areas are generally not given much emphasis by ordinary developers, however if any developer does so, it shows the intent towards extraordinary quality of construction. So, whether you decide to check the quality of materials yourself or rely on a third party to make the judgement, do not neglect the quality checks of the house because, after all, you will be spending your savings on it.

International quality value system is what differentiates SOBHA from everyone. Quality control and assurance processes in SOBHA are like a devotional ritual and religiously practised. Simply put, this means that they do not cut corners towards making world-class products. A multi-layered quality monitoring and inspection process headed by German experts is in place to guarantee the highest quality of end product.


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