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Want To Own Your Dream Home But Unable To Pay Rent And EMI At The Same Time?

Try Investing In A Subvention Payment Plan In SOBHA CITY. Here’s Why!

Ajay Singh, a 38-year-old professional working with a private firm in Gurgaon does not own a house. He, along with his wife and one child, has been living in a rented accommodation ever since he got married. What usually pulled him back from buying a house of his own was the fear of bearing the burden of paying rent along with the EMIs at the same time. Not to forget the daily and monthly expenses.

Ajay is not alone. This is the story of several other home seekers living on rented accommodations. High property prices compel these home seekers to depend upon home loans to buy their home. There are multiple organizations that can help with home loan, however, that is not the end of troubles for them. To begin with, under ideal conditions, one would have to manage with shelling out both the EMIs as well as the rent for a period of around three years when the project is under construction. And, considering the fast falling reputation of most of the residential projects in Delhi NCR, delivery of projects on time is a concern. In case, the project is not completed on time, the buyer is stuck with a huge financial liability while he pays both the EMIs as well as the rent for a much longer period. Also, investing in a ready-to-move-in property in Gurgaon is not an option for everyone due to the high property prices and a few other factors such as lower home loan and higher down payment.

The subvention payment plan of 10:75:15 on offer at SOBHA CITY is ideal for such home seekers. Under this, a home buyer is required to pay only 10% on booking with 75% funding from Home Loan Finance Company. Also, bank will disburse this money only as per construction linked plan. The buyer gets to enjoy an EMI holiday till 31st August 2021 on the home loan and interest for this duration is taken care of by the developer. The balance 15% is to be paid in installments thereafter as per construction milestones.

This subvention scheme helps property seekers in saving a considerable amount of money as they can book a flat with just 10 percent of the total cost and need not worry about EMIs. Also, they will end up saving a substantial amount for the interest till 31st August 2021 that is paid by the developer.

Since the developer is paying the bank on behalf of the buyer, they would want to finish the project on time. Thus, if you have been holding back on buying that dream home for yourself due to the fear of being unable to handle the dual pressure of monthly rent and EMIs, this subvention scheme is certainly for you.

However, you might have to hurry up as the offer of subvention scheme on the latest tower C4 is available only for a limited period.


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