Is Sobha City The Ideal Destination For The Millennials?

(Decoding their home buying preferences).

If you are born after 1980, chances are that online shopping, micro-blogging, social updates, and binge-watching define your personality. With almost 50% of the Indian workforce, the millennials are entering the housing market and are eager to own a home which matches their unique lifestyles. Just like every generation has its own music, its distinct style and look, this new generation of homebuyers has different expectations. To shed some light on their evolving home buying choices, here are some of the features that millennials look for while buying a home:

Efficient & functional homes:
They want a house that is an outward and inward expression of who they are. Many millennials are forgoing the extra bedrooms and enormous living rooms. These homebuyers prefer homes that do not require a lot of maintenance and believe in smarter ways to utilize the space for their personal use, while keeping a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

sobha city show apartment

High on aesthetics:
The millennials are willing to go for high-quality homes (and are willing to pay more); they have strong preferences for inspired surroundings with pleasing finishes.


Modern conveniences just an elevator away:
Work-life balance owes its existence to these millennials. The escalating stress levels involved in the professional life along with the inconvenience of traveling to work, makes them look for all the conveniences within the residential complex. From working out in the gym to taking a dip in the swimming pool, from racquet sports to sipping a coffee, from being able to host a grand party to buying daily groceries, they want every such convenience within their living complex.

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Green open spaces are valued and desired:
Millennials are known for their choice of lifestyle and termed as the ‘green generation’ of this world. They are very conscious about the environment and tend to make greener choices while buying a home.

To sum it up:
– Super-sized luxury homes are generally out. Compact homes are in.
– Pompous addresses are out. Local conveniences and connectivity are in.
– Projects by unknown developers are out. Projects by well-known developers are in.
– Focus on the low budget homes are out. Focus on value is in.

It is fair to say that out of all the generations, millennials are more conscious when it comes to buying a home. That is one of the reasons why Sobha City has become the most preferred address for home buyers. Being developed on over 39 acres of land, Sobha City is one of the largest group housing projects in Gurgaon. The sheer size allows indulgence of open green views, more amenities, more sports, and social activities. All these niceties are packed in premium 2-3 BHK urban park residences. Sobha City is located right at the edge of Delhi, in Sector 108, Gurgaon right on an operational75 meter wide road with a massive frontage of over 500m.


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