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Once Again, SOBHA Emerged As The National Leader For Best Practices In The Real Estate Market.

In a recent survey by an independent research group, Track2Realty, SOBHA Limited emerged as the national leader for best practices in India. Track2Realty conducts these surveys every two years across the nation in 10 different parameters such as Financial Management, Execution, Market Depth, Customer Connect, and more.

SOBHA has been ranked number 1 for the second time in the Track2Realty Best Practices Report 2019, securing top position in 6 of the parameters. The organization has not only emerged as the market leader, but also continued to improve its performance, scoring 81.1 in the overall best practices score of 2019 as compared to the score of 78.0 in the year 2017. SOBHA continues to maintain its leadership position in the South Indian real estate market.

SOBHA has time & again proved to be the market leader when it comes to trust and quality. Owing its success to the extreme care and precision put behind every project, SOBHA has set the highest benchmark in the industry.

The top ranked developers were not only evaluated through structured buzz of scientific consumer survey but also through the unstructured buzz that tracks social media and other open forums available online. The unstructured buzz was monitored on parameters of Brand Awareness, Brand Acceptance, Brand Appreciation, Brand Accountability, Brand Affordability, Repeat Buying, Peer Endorsement, Social Buzz, Beyond Catchment and Critique Choice.

A large sample size of 10,000 respondents in 20 cities (500 samples in each city) was targeted. The results are based on a set of open-ended and close-ended questions to understand the consumer psychograph and real estate companies located pan-India.

This insightful report highlights the fact that top ranked developers have shown promise and intent by adopting the best practices.

This is India’s only sectoral report published by Track2Realty second time in a row to evaluate the adherence to best practices in business by real estate companies. Track2Realty relies on information available in the public domain and the consumer survey.


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