Sobha City

It Takes An Urban Park To Raise Well Rounded Kids.

(That’s How Child-Friendly It Is!)

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child; besides the parent’s love and care, a child’s interactions with his peers and his physical environment greatly shape how he or she thinks, feels, acts, and grows. Hence, there is always a pressure for parents to find a safe and nurturing place that is ideal for the entire family. Keeping these factors in mind, Sobha City is designed in a way that helps parents raise smart and healthy kids. The interests of the children are protected by ensuring they have everything they need for a comfortable life growing up.

Here’s why Sobha City has a healthy environment where you can build your family:

Outdoor activities abound
Indulging in outdoor activities always becomes a win-win situation for both, the parents and the kids especially when the amenities are spread over a whooping 2.1 lakh sq.ft. The availability of over 16 sports facilities within the complex gives your child the chance to pursue an activity of his/her liking, be it skating, swimming or basketball. Children have the choice to master sports like tennis, badminton, squash, etc. Encourage your child to be the next Kohli at the 90m diameter cricket ground. Cycle around the complex or just go for a morning run on the 1km long cycling and walking track. Amenities at Sobha City not only develop your child’s personality but also give you the opportunity to bond with him/her. Being a development that is designed around tomorrow’s champions, there is never a dull day at Sobha City.


Expand their horizons
We at Sobha believe that learning should never be limited to school or home. That is why Sobha City offers access to uncommon features such as an in-house library and a dedicated camping ground within the circumference of the society. Where spending time at the library can help your kids develop knowledge, inquisitiveness and creativity, the occasional camping trip can be the perfect platform to teach them the essential life skills such as first aid, teamwork and survival skills.

Gated and secured
One of the most difficult parts about being a parent is the constant worry of your child’s security. Safety has always been of paramount importance at Sobha City; a gated community with round-the-clock trained security personnel and CCTV monitoring. The development also has numerous security and preventative measures in place; rest assured, your children will be far from running into any dodgy or unfamiliar individuals. Additionally, certain areas of the society most likely to be frequented by children be deemed ‘vehicle-free zones’, so that you can be at peace knowing that your kids are secure even while playing in the compound.

Celebrations unlimited
Having a party is a matter of excitement for kids and parents alike. A sprawling party lawn and a banquet hall within the Sobha City premises can become the newest and best destination for all kids’ birthday and exam-over parties.


Lighting and ventilation
Homes at Sobha City are built in such a way that there is ambient light and fresh air to circulate in buildings and all unit spaces. Windows and doors have been placed in order to provide maximum ventilation. According to research, natural light increases productivity and makes one happier & healthier. Fresh air strengthens the immune system, cleans the lungs and increases the number of happy hormones.


Living in a like-minded neighbourhood
As a child grows up, his circle extends beyond his home and family. Children, at different points in their lives are exposed to different kinds of people in the community. Meeting people at get-togethers, birthday parties, etc. the child is bound to learn from his peers, gain self-confidence and social skills; not forgetting a tight-knit community makes a child feel special, loved, and secure.

It truly takes a village to raise a child. Sobha City, however, is more than just a village. It is a master-planned community spread over 39 acres that fosters a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can raise your children at peace.



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