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This Is What You Gain Having A Cricket Ground Right Within Your Complex. (And It’s Not Just The Sport).

Cricket in India is not just a sport, it is a religion for many. Such is the obsession of this sport that any elongated object in our hand transforms us into a batsman and induces us into a cricketing shot. From 1983 World cup win to 2011 triumph, future of Cricket is only getting brighter. Playing Cricket is not just a hobby now, but is fast emerging as one of the most sought after profession in our country. However, limited infrastructure has been hampering the prospect of this sport as a profession. There are sports academies in the NCR region with the required infrastructure, but time and energy required in travelling to these academies consume the budding cricketers. SOBHA Limited, one the most admired developers in India, envisaged its flagship group housing project SOBHA CITY in Gurgaon, keeping in mind the sports that our nation loves the most. Living true to its promise of being an urban park residence, SOBHA CITY has a near actual size, oval shaped Cricket ground right within its 39 acre of a magnificent development. This 90m dia large lush green field is indeed the heart of the complex and offers you so much more than a nice sporty game, which we all love to play or watch.

1. A large green scenery: Enjoy absolute open living experience with unobstructed views. Such a large green carpet of natural grass not only makes the surrounding picturesque but also offers you a wonderful quiet corner.

2. Community bonding: Be it kids, youth or even the old, cricket is enjoyed with all the fervor. In a way it is one of the Indian attributes that bond us. After all what’s a better way of making friends than over a game of cricket?

3. Watching the match or simply observing to learn: Grab the best seats in the house and enjoy the game of cricket from the luxury of your balcony or from the well curated stands. Don’t we all remember watching the excitement of fast or spin bowling, dives for the catches or a spectacular drive for a boundary!

4. See your loved one play and grow: Children develop physical skills through sports & exercise. They also learn to make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member, learn about fair play, self-esteem, etc. Watch you kids follow into the footstep of the great sporting champions

5. Weekend matches – a league of the residents: Bring the frenzy of the cricket stadium home with your very own tournaments and matches within clubs or towers in SOBHA CITY.

All these benefits complement the prime and ultimate advantage of having a Cricket ground right within your complex, i.e. helping your kids learn the sport at a professional level. Having such a huge infrastructure within the complex will also save time and energy in travel. It’s a true privilege of being in SOBHA CITY with such a rare amenity of an actual size cricket ground (which we all have experienced in our schools) and along with plethora of other sports opportunities.


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