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Here’s Why The Residences At SOBHA CITY Are Absolutely Unique!

Buying a home is never the end of your endeavours. Getting a living experience that matches your lifestyle is what eventually matters. However, it’s a hassle to finalize a new home as per the preferences of all family members. One always has to take into consideration the location, the
amenities, safety of the home & its inhabitants, privacy and the neighbourhood.

An optimal living space is something that provides you with all your necessities in a well-laid-out plan, for an elevated lifestyle. SOBHA CITY offers you spacious well planned residences that are an ideal place to live. With their unique plans and layouts, the project provides you the beautiful apartments that you’ll be proud to call a home situated amidst ultra-luxurious amenities.

Floor Plan

Extended Privacy
The homes at SOBHA CITY are specifically designed keeping your privacy in mind. The apartments have no common walls between them and therefore it keeps out all the unwanted noises from your neighbours and at the same time, isolates yours within. Even the entrances of the apartments do not
face each other. This means that you do not have to worry about any awkward encounters with your next door neighbours or be privy to each other’s visitors. Hence, there is nothing bigger than enjoying the experience of private living in solace from the outside world.

High on Efficiency
Another sign of a great living space is the carpet area that is available to you. You need to have enough space to keep all your necessary belongings along with an open area to move freely without your home looking too cluttered. At SOBHA CITY, residences are designed with the wall thickness of just 160 mm that translates to more carpet area for you i.e. more living space! There are only 4 apartments on each floor that provide added space for common areas.


More of Functionality
Some may overlook it, but one of the “must-have” factors in a great living space is the availability of natural light and air around you. It is one of the most satisfying feeling to stand in your spacious balcony and enjoy the serene views along with a refreshing cup of tea. The apartments at SOBHA
CITY offer well optimized spaces along with large French windows, that open up to green vistas and provide you with plenty of natural light coming indoors & maximum ventilation. The naturally- lit tower atriums further enhance the feeling of living with nature.

SOBHA CITY undoubtedly presents you the ideal living spaces, specifically designed to keep your comfort as a priority. Located on upper Dwarka Expressway, just 15 minutes away from IGI Airport, you get to enjoy one of the most coveted addresses of Delhi NCR unlike any other.


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