Villa Life Calling

(Why Villas Are The Way To Live In)

Villa Life Calling

Urban societies are a constantly evolving landscape in which new forms of community living continually metamorphose and take shape. One such living space is villa communities that are prime and coveted spots for personal residences and investment.

Villa communities or gated communities are large housing estates and residential projects, with individual homes and private garden space, and are commonly characterized by closed perimeter of walls and fences with physical and electronic security, shared amenities for sports and recreation and large open green spaces or urban parks.  It’s an urban phenomenon that is increasingly finding space in large city environment around the world.

There are numerous reasons for the genesis of such projects; in certain countries like Brazil or South Africa where there are security concerns, such gated communities offer a safe haven for those who can afford it. In certain developing nations, these communities offer the expat community a lifestyle that they are more used to. In USA and in Europe and increasingly in Asian countries including India, such projects are aspirational and provide the residents a lifestyle that is luxurious and different from the rest of the city. With club class facilities, round the clock security, luxurious interiors and enormous landscaped greenery, it’s like stepping into a completely different world.

In a city like Gurgaon, which is still developing and has basic infrastructure, such community projects offer the well- travelled, high net worth individuals a lifestyle more suited to their needs. The upcoming Dwarka Expressway has numerous such villa projects, such as International City by Sobha Limited, with uber luxurious amenities and a lifestyle that is comparable to anything global.

The future demand for such community living spaces is only likely to increase with lifestyle in cities getting more frenzied. Once inside such a gated community, one can leave behind the chaos of the city; far away from the madding crowd, yet well connected to business centers, IT parks, airport, metro etc. Which is why, villa projects are a coveted possession be it for residing or as a great investment.


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