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Why is SOBHA the preferred developer for Channel Partners?

In the last 10 years that Saurabh Sachdeva has been a real estate agent in Delhi NCR, he’s seen some of the bestselling ultra-luxe homes, as well as moderately priced properties.

“One of the things I’ve seen, even in the ultra-luxe real estate market, is that there is not much attention to detail in craftsmanship that you’d expect from new construction,” says Saurabh.

Ensuring your home is built to the highest standards and that you won’t have any major repairs to deal with soon after moving in, becomes your priority before purchasing a home. “Before signing any contracts, research the developer you are interested in, to gauge customer satisfaction. And, don’t be afraid to ask questions.” recommends Saurabh.

Here’s a shortlist of things that SOBHA does differently while building their high-quality homes that has impressed Saurabh:

Bathrooms: The bathrooms in a SOBHA home have multiple layers of waterproofing applied to prevent any water from seeping through. All the details have been paid attention to, like installing wall-mounted water closets, floor drop separating wet & dry areas, removable tiles in false ceiling for easy access and sloped bathroom floors for better and quicker drainage.

Electricals: Finishing of Electrical Distribution Board (DB) boxes is taken earnestly at SOBHA and hence are fixed on the level of the bulls and with reference from Meter Marking for height. This helps in the boxes to be flushed with the plastered wall and at the desired height. Also, there is a blueprint of the entire electrical wiring inside the DB to assist during any power cut.

Flooring: Tile placement of tiles/marbles at SOBHA is always done using 2mm spacers to ensure uniform gap and perfect angles to get desired slope. Tile marking is done to ensure the right placement of tiles and they are fixed with prescribed adhesives. The gaps are filled with grout chosen by the architect to give a neat finish and for easy maintenance of the floor.

Windows & Doors: The fact that the doors and windows installed are made in-house, allows SOBHA to maintain a level of consistency that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Common Areas: The common areas are also tiled floor-to-ceiling to prevent moisture and also to ensure easy maintenance.

Every new home goes through plenty of inspections throughout the construction process at SOBHA and only once the home is approved by the Chairman of the company, are the homes handed over. “I am yet to see a developer with such an attention to detail and obsession for quality – this indeed is SOBHA’s biggest asset. Their homes make it very easy for me to convince my buyers, as their homes do all the talking.” asserts Saurabh.

SOBHA’s unique aspects of backward integration and customer-centricity enjoy the admiration of its stake holders and customers alike. No wonder why SOBHA is the preferred developer for all Channel Partners in NCR.  


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