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Why Is Your Villa Incomplete Without A Basement?

Who doesn’t like some extra space in their homes? Traditionally a matter of household requirement, basements have always proved their utility. Especially now, during the days of depleting resources, it has become a matter of efficiency. Accounting for 20 percent of a home’s total heat loss, basements are playing an imperative role in promoting green living.

European countries adopted basements in their houses long before we discovered its advantages, mainly due to their multi-use potentials and climate zones, but now it’s time every city in India should consider this option.

From being used as an additional room or seeking extra space for recreational activities such as a home theatre space or a gymnasium space or even a bar lounge or a gaming zone, a basement in a home offers a bounty of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Area for Multiple Activities
Whether your basement area is used as a children’s play area or home to your favorite hobbies, there is no argument that you will enjoy some extra space! You may add a treadmill along-with a few hand weights to transform your basement into an at-home-gym or place couches along-with a home theater to entertain your family, you can enjoy all the activities you love within the finished open space of a basement, right from the comfort of your home.

Additional Space
The need for living space gets especially important when you have guests, large family gatherings or while thinking of resale down the line. Added space in your home is quite a retreat, more so when the space ensures complete privacy. Investing in homes with a basement are undoubtedly profitable with added square footage.

Perfect Storage Solution
We all like to keep our homes organized and neat, basements offer an added space for perfectly keeping away the seasonal or bulky items while catering to the need for being organized. You can use multiple storage ideas and large shelving to organize your stuff.

A Play Area For Your Kids
Kids usually like the places where they can play freely. It is best for you as you don’t have to clear their toys twice or thrice a day. Remodel your basement area with gaily colour wall and let your kids decide about how they want their play area to be like.

Your Own Home Office
Basement is treated as the best option for a personal workspace. It has become the need for every home to have a productive workspace. Whether you want to run a consultancy or operate a boutique store, you can do from your very own space. Your home with a basement gives you the flexibility to customize your own workspace; use multiple textures and surfaces to give your place of work a high-end look.

Personal Theatre
An interesting way to use your basement is to transform it into a swanky theatre. The basement is the most appropriate space in your villa for having a media room and home theatres. Get the interiors of your basement designed for superior acoustics, furnish the space with your choice of comfortable recliners and install hi-tech home automation systems to create an entertainment space you can flaunt to your guests.

Gym Area
A basement is also a good place for your workout. The space can be well utilized by placing bulky high-end gym equipment, which otherwise one can’t accommodate within a home. An open basement also allows adequate space for free-hand exercise. Now all you need is a little motivation to keep yourself fit & healthy. It not only saves your time as you no longer have to step out to hit a gym & wait for your turn to use the equipment of your choice.

SOBHA NCR keeps on improving its offerings based on customers’ feedback and the multi-functional basement in its villas at International City – an exclusive villa township is a great example of this. No wonder why SOBHA Limited is the most admired real estate developer of India.


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