Why Suraj Chose An Under Construction Home?

It took around six months of extensive & tiresome search through all real estate listings before I and my wife finally agreed to invest in an under-construction property. Ready-to-move-in properties within our budget were all much different from how we always wanted our dream home to be and renovating such a home would have made a big hole in our pockets. However, deciding in favor of an under-construction property wasn’t easy either.

When you’re buying an under-construction home, you need to be deliberate about asking the right questions and advocating for yourself. Our home is still in the early stages of building, so we’re not quite across the finish line yet, but we have learned a thing or two about what it means to buy new construction and what are its pros and cons. And while the pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons (at least for us), these are all things that helped us zero in on an under-construction home:

#Easier on the pocket
For a buyer, the cost of a property is one of the most important aspects. An under-construction property is likely to cost less than a similar ready-to-move-in property. The biggest advantage is that when we buy an under construction project, the price-points are low which, very simply means that our investment grows in value over a period of time. Secondly, we could choose the unit of our choice, in terms of unit number or unit location within the tower’s layout.

#Discounts and offers
It is tough to get any discount or offer on a ready-to-move-in property. It is a complete house and you need to pay the cost as per the market or even higher depending on the facilities. But in an under-construction project, there are many discounts and offers available from time to time. We also had the chance to negotiate on the final price.

#Paying at your ease
While buying a ready-to-move-in property, the buyer has to pay the entire amount at one time. There is registry cost and other miscellaneous expenses added to it. However, in an under-construction property, we just had to pay 10-15% as booking amount while buying. We opted for a possession-linked plan as that gave us more time to save. But there are other options of payment plans available too like construction-linked plan or subvention plan that give flexibility in terms of payment and one does not have to arrange a huge sum at once.

#New construction
Under-construction projects offer new construction – one of its major benefits. You do not need to worry about repairing and other such things while moving into a new property; you can start living as soon as you get possession. When you are spending a huge amount, there is no point in going for a property which is old. Under-construction property also gives you all the new features.

If you are looking for an under-construction property, SOBHA CITY could be your safest bet. Being developed on over 39 acres of land, SOBHA CITY is one of the largest group housing projects in Gurgaon. The sheer size allows indulgence of open green views, more amenities, more sports, and social activities. All these niceties are packed in premium 2-3 BHK urban park residences. SOBHA CITY is located right at the edge of Delhi, in Sector 108, Gurgaon, right on an operational75m wide road with a massive frontage of over 500m.


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